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so, what planet you from?



you are..


what's your style?


what's the first thing you notice about a room?


what you wanna talk about?


what is real life?


most important trait is..


biggest turn off is..


what you rather do?


believe in ghosts?


what's the best thing about humans?

start over

planet mercury

Mercury ☿️

intelligent, rational, thinker

  • you are the the entrepreneur, innovator & storyteller.
  • sarcastic, quick witted and fast learners.
  • + curious, communicative, and adaptable
  • - indecisive, critical, and anxious
planet venus

Venus ♀

beauty-seeking, balanced, loving

  • you appreciate the pleasure of the five senses.
  • you care about beauty, elegance, friendship and true love.
  • + sense of the aesthetic, charming, cheerful
  • - superficial, shallow, childish
planet earth

Earth ⊕

grounded, dependable, committed

  • you are responsible, diligent and pragmatic.
  • commited and methodical, but also openminded and accepting.
  • + patient, tolerant, dedicated
  • - rigid, overplanning, materialistic
planet mars

Mars ♂

passionate, energetic, brave

  • you are enterprising, encouraging and full of energy.
  • you may be competitive, athletic or ambitious.
  • + adventurous, sincere, straightforward
  • - reckless, aggressive, egocentric
planet jupiter

Jupiter ♃

generous, enthusiastic, philosopher

  • you are often in positions of authority and knowledge.
  • you value growth, scientific insight and prosperity.
  • + humane, fair, dutiful, optimistic
  • - risktaking, wasteful, greedy
planet saturn

Saturn ♄

patient, sophisticated, minimalist

  • you are often stoic, thoughtful and analytic.
  • you appreciate quality, luxury and elegance but value simplicity as well.
  • + thorough, high integrity, tenacious
  • - pessimistic, stubborn, depressive
planet uranus

Uranus ⛢

creative, original, trailblazer

  • you are innovative, a revolutionary and very sensitive.
  • you are drawn to the occult and paranormal.
  • + balanced, inspired, unique, in tune
  • - moody, hypersensitive, distractable
planet neptune

Neptune ♆

magical, emphathetic, intuitive

  • you are drawn to mystery and the unknown.
  • you are deeply in tune with the emotions of self and others.
  • + humble, compassionate, emotionally wise
  • - escapist, melodramatic, lethargic
planet pluto

Pluto ♇

Deep, creative seeker

  • you value the study of the self and expanding your mind.
  • dedicated to discovering truth and fighting for it.
  • + revolutionary, practically intelligent, deep and intense interests
  • - possessive, jealous, power hungry